The AUHSD Chapter of Grassroots Law Project and the Committee for Multicultural Educational Reform in the AUHSD need your help to implement a diversified and accurate curriculum in the Acalanes Union High School District.

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Over the past few years, many people’s eyes have been opened to the reality of systemic racism in this country and in this school district. We fought for and won back interdistrict transfers, but there are still many problems within our schools, one of which is a whitewashed and culturally inaccurate curriculum. Students are not seeing the multicultural reality of our world reflected in their education, especially in the English and Social Sciences curricula.

The World History courses, for instance, focus predominantly on European history, barely mentioning Asian and African history, despite the existence of an AP European History course. It is critical that students have a proper understanding of our world’s historical trajectory, but under the status quo, the atrocities of history have been glossed over. The blatant whitewashing of our curriculum has been and will continue to perpetuate a culture of racism in AUHSD. This has to change.

With new books and resources, we can diversify, reform and expand the English and Social Science curricula. We must use our position as a privileged community to acknowledge the errors in our curricula and take the first steps to correcting our wrongs. By teaching the stories and history of people of color as our stories and history, and by explaining and teaching against racism, we can strengthen the ideals of tolerance, compassion, and inclusivity within the AUHSD student body.

Help us create real change in the Acalanes Union High School District. Every signature on this petition will notify the Governing Board, raising awareness of our community’s demands and urging them to implement necessary changes to the curriculum. Sign and share this petition to create diversified and accurate curricula for all students in AUHSD. Add your name now.

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