Welcome to CMERA

We are a committee formed by two Miramonte class of 2019 graduates looking to enact change by encouraging diversity and uplifting POC perspectives in the AUHSD curricula and student body.

The Issues

Lack of Multiculturalism in the Curricula

The Miramonte English department requires 17 core texts, only 1 of which includes non-white authors. Of the 59 supplementary texts, only 5 are by non-white authors.

History classes across the board are overwhelmingly Eurocentric and don't teach post-Jim Crow racism to the appropriate extent.

Lack of Diversity in the Student Body

AUHSD schools average...

  • 65% white
  • 15% asian
  • 9% hispanic
  • 7% two or more races
  • 2% black
  • 2% other

This gap is only exacerbated by the cap on transfer students.

Our Solutions

1. Requiring texts by POC authors to be taught in freshman & sophomore English years.

2. Require a one-day freshman seminar on intersectionality & combatting discrimination.

3. Implement a week-long unit in history classes on post-Jim Crow racism.

Such as: war on drugs, mass incarceration, police brutality

4. Reinstate interdistrict transfers.